If you have already purchased a shared web hosting account from a different company in the past, you've almost certainly experienced a situation where you need to await hours, perhaps even for a couple of days to have your new account set up and activated. The process is usually automated, still with most payment systems a new financial transaction goes in the queue and is executed whenever a live person sees it. With little hosting providers, this may happen once a day at a certain time and if you have acquired an account from a reseller in the past, you've most likely waited for quite a while. In this way you lose valuable time in waiting around as opposed to spending it on handling your sites.
Instant Account Activation in Shared Web Hosting
If you choose to order a shared web hosting plan from us, you won't ever have to wait for hours to be able to start using the account. As a matter of fact, you won't need to wait for more than a couple of moments for your payment to be processed and the account to be completely active. We realize how dynamic the world wide web is, so we will not waste your energy with a prolonged installation procedure. Immediately after you place the transaction, our system will send you the Welcome e-mail with all the login info which you need and you can then sign in to create or upload your web site files. If you would like any of our free script applications to be set up in your account during its creation, you'll get the login details for its back office too and the installation won't delay the setup and activation of your account at all.