Dropbox is a well known cloud file storage platform. Different from an Internet hosting service where you can have a site that's accessible online by typing a domain name, Dropbox permits you to store files, that you can access via their app using a personal computer or a smartphone. The files aren't executed, so an html file shall be listed and not displayed as an actual Internet page. The service permits you to access your content from any location provided that you log in with the right credentials. As the company allows third-party companies to use their API, we've taken advantage of this service and we present you with the chance to create regular automatic backups of the info you have on our end to a Dropbox account provided that you've got enough space. This shall include one more level of security for your Internet sites since you shall always have a copy of any info that you might require and if the app is installed on your computer system, a copy shall be available not just on their servers, but also in a folder on your end.
Dropbox Backups in Shared Web Hosting
You can use Dropbox for backups whatever the shared web hosting service that you select when you sign up and the feature shall be available inside the Hepsia Control Panel included with all accounts. Linking one or even many Dropbox accounts takes simply a few clicks and as soon as the connection with our system is established, you'll be able to choose if all your information shall be backed up there or just specific websites and databases. This depends on the size of the content material you have on our end and what amount of space you have inside your Dropbox account. The number of backups which you can have ranges from 3 to 14 and our system shall make a new one every day, so you can have a copy of your info for up to 14 days back and you shall be able to access them on your PC as regular files and folders. You will be able to change the Internet sites or the number of backups anytime. This functionality is a superb addition to the backups that we shall keep of your entire content four times per day. If you no longer want your Dropbox account to be linked to our system, you could remove it with just a mouse click within your CP.